Pi1541 Cycle exact 1541 emulator full OLED support!




You will get a working already build PI1541, but without the Raspberry PI and cables.
Im now using my own design of the PI1541 that does not cover any parts like the reset button, LED or any other essential parts when the OLED is installed. I also made it so that the display flex slot on the PI is accessable, and now, the level shifter is on the underside for a much cleaner look.
This is my V1.6 pcb and is built after “Option B” with 74LS06 with OLED support.

I am selling my PI1541. It is already built, and has many extra features, like extra DIN connector, Power LED, activity LED, buzzer that can be disabled with a jumper, output for both the PI flex cable screen, and the OLED  etc.
Just as easy to use as the SD2IEC, only more compatible with games and demos!!

This is built after “Option B” with 74LS06 and this version will not ruin your PI if you connect several IEC devices..

You can actually use this just like an SD2IEC. The great thing is that this thing is much more compatible, and is still under development with new features in the software coming all the time. A nice option now is that you can edit the options file, and make the PI autoload the File browser, so that when you turn on the C64, you lands right into the list of games and demos 🙂 Together with the Final Cartridge III I sell here on ebay, this would be a great setup. The Action Replay speed up the loading times of games and demos by 10X, making it a breeze to browse through games.
Im now shipping this with both IEC connectors included for free!


This works on these systems:

Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Vic20, Commodore 16, Commodore Plus/4

Read my blog to see how easy it is to use! https://retrozonesite.wordpress.com

To use this you will need these things that is not included:
– Commodore 🙂
– 6-pin serial cable. (you can use the one that came with your 1541 if you have one)
– Raspberry Pi 3B with 2.5A power
– MicroSD-card or USB thumbdrive