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  • Home made Amiga Boot Selector

    Have you ever wanted to use a Gotek on your Amiga without having to make changes to the Amiga itself? I think too many Amigas are being “mutilated” to fit a Gotek these days. Instead you could use the internals of an external floppy, and change out the floppy with the Gotek. problem is, many […]

  • C64 PSU 5v mod.

    There are many ways to prevent the original PSU on the Commodore 64 from destroying your beloved computer. Its a well documented fact that the design of the PSU is somewhat flawed. The most dreaded issue is when the regulator used to regulate the 5vdc fails in a way that will harm your circuits. Here […]

  • My Commodore 64 PSU project.

      Ive been asked to explain how I made my first C64 “saver” back in the 1990’s I sold the thing many years ago, so I have no pictures of the original thing, so I’m going to explain how to make one today, with the tools and equipment that are available now. I did not […]

  • The Atari SF314 Floppy

    The Atari SF314 Floppy

    Today I decided to look at the external floppy drive that I got from a bundle of so called working retro stuff. The floppy had this problem, it would just keep spinning whenever I put a floppy disk inside it. So I decided to have a go at it, so I opened it up, gave […]

  • Welcome to my Retro blog!

    This is the post excerpt.

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