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  • Commodore 64 9600 baud WiFi Adapter

    If you are a Commodore 64 user from back in the 80’s you probably remember the term Bulletin Board System or BBS. It was basically a computer connected to several phone lines, and other computers could connect to it via a phone number. The computer used a modem to do the calling. You could use […]

  • The Amiga 500 Rev.5 Kickstart upgrade.

    A friend came over with his beloved Amiga 500 and wanted me to help him get Kickstart v 3.1 installed. It turned out to be a rev.5 motherboard. The kickstart is basically a part of the Amigas OS, and the software is stored on ROM chips. The Amiga 500 has only one ROM, but other […]

  • The Final Cartridge III+

    The Final Cartridge III Plus is a remake of the original Final Cartridge III, but it has several awesome new upgrades. The best one is that it can also speed up modern SD-Card solutions like SD2IEC and PI1541. This cartridge is fun to assemble, and many people think that the fact that there is no […]

  • Pi1541

    I decided to make my own Pi1541. Notice how I made a IEC output for cable in the middle there. I did it because the 6PIN DIN cables are hard to find, and expensive too. With this, soldering your own would be easy. I put the IEC connectors on the same side as all the […]

  • Retro4fun

    I decided to make a fresh batch of my old Retro4fun PCBs. This time in RED color. Its basically just an adaptor that plugs into the Parallel Printer port of any Amiga and gives you 2 extra joystick ports, for a total of 4 joystick ports. Some of the Amiga games compatible with 4 player: […]

  • Minipro TL866 27c400/800/160 Adapter

    I really love my MiniPRO TL866 programmer. It has so many supported chips. I save a lot of money not having to buy several programmers for my hobby. But unfortunately it does not support 27c400/800/160 eeproms. When restoring Arcade games, I some times come across those ROMS. A common fault for old ROMS is that the […]

  • DIY Amiga 500 memorycard

    Its always fun to make your own things. This time I decided to make some memorycards for me and a couple of friends. I now have 2 A500 without trapdoor memorycards, because they had battery damage. So instead of buying another old more or less battery acid damaged unstable card, why not make brand new […]

  • Amiga External Floppy controller

    This project was initially made for the purpose of using an internal Amiga floppy as a secondary drive for copying disks. But later, I added jumpers so that PC floppies can be used too, since these are easy to find. I later also found it useful to have a jumper selector for selecting DF1:, DF2: […]

  • PS/2 to Amiga/Atari adapter

    I really wanted a PS/2 to Amiga adapter, so I ended up making this PCB in Eagle CAD based on information freely available on the Internet. I ended up making one that can use both USB and PS/2 connector, and the option to change between Amiga and Atari ST mode with jumpers. It also works […]

  • CDTV Joyport Adapter

    After finally getting hold of a Commodore CDTV, first thing I noticed was that it did not have the usual DB-9 connectors that the other Commodore models have. The machine did have a mouse port, but it turns out it is not a standard one, and I did not get one with the machine, so […]