Month: January 2019

  • Commodore 64 Deadtest Cartridge

    This particular diagnostics cartridge does not require a test harness, and are specifically useful when your C64/128 has no picture. What sets this cartridge apart from the other test cartridges, are that they all require the RAM to be functioning to boot, (unfortunately, one of the most common fault is defective RAM) This cartridge not […]

  • Pi1541 Pennysaver Edition

    Some people just want a SD card solution for their Commodore 64/128/VIC20 the cheapest way possible. So I came up with the “Pennnysaver Edition”. It has the bare minimum you would need to load your games and programs from a SD card, but with the possibillity for upgrades later. It can be used with your […]

  • Playing with stencils

    Using a solder paste stencil is a quick way to get your production speed up when dealing with SMD parts (surface mount devices). At my house, its done because its fun and messy. But what exactly are they? A solder paste stencil is a metal or polymer plate with holes in it that represent the […]

  • Amiga Video PCB

    I decided it was time to make some kind of replacement for the bulky Amiga 500 RF modulator. This little thing has a nice composite output and a S-VIDEO output for great video quality. Unfortunately, the female DB-23 connectors are hard to find, so I wont be making many of these. I figured the AD724 […]