Magic Desk Cartridge Clone


This cartridge is a modified reproduction of the Magic Desk Cart made for Commodore 64. That particular cartridge had several tools accessible via a menu. This cartridge is built with the same idea, only with a bigger ROM, and by using a ROM that can be erased electrically without using a UV eraser. This cart is wired to support the more modern W27C512 roms, and W27C020 roms, selectable by a jumper, instead of those older roms that is no longer made.

1pcs 74LS174N
1pcs 74LS02N
1pcs W27C512
1pcs reset switch
1pcs PCB
Optional: IC sockets

To program this, you need the working games or programs that you want to install in the correct format, and a tool to generate the .bin file that goes into the rom. You can download the tool here.

First of all, all programs must be in .prg format. Just place the .prg files you want to use in the prg folder, the name of the file will be used as menu name.






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