Power Healer 64

Due to several friends have contacted me about my old Commodore 64 power saver, the Power Healer 64, Ive decided to revive the project and has made brand new design to this old gizmo from 2006. This time, I made 2 versions. One that is basically the same old design but with a few SMD parts to make sure that I keep the same old size that fits inside those cheap plastic cases they sell on ebay, and make room for a few smal improvements. The old size will also ensure that it will fit inside a C64 for those that want to make it invisible.

The second XL version is more like a replacement PSU with included Saver circuitry and extra fuses. The bigger one will be a nice alternative for people with no PSU at all.


More information will be published within a few days or so.






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