The Final Cartridge III+


The Final Cartridge III Plus is a remake of the original Final Cartridge III, but it has several awesome new upgrades. The best one is that it can also speed up modern SD-Card solutions like SD2IEC and PI1541. This cartridge is fun to assemble, and many people think that the fact that there is no SMD parts, its way easier to solder.

Part Value

C1    1nF Capacitor

C2    1µF Capacitor

C3    10µF Capacitor

D1    1N4148 DIODE

D2    1N4148 DIODE

D3    1N4148 DIODE

D4    1N4148 DIODE

D5    1N4148 DIODE

D6    LED 3mm

FREEZE 6x6x8mm switch

IC1    74LS273 DIL20

IC2    74LS163 DIL16

IC3    74LS133 DIL16

IC4    74LS04 DIL14

IC5    74LS09 DIL14

JP1    020/512 JP2 jumper (hardwired for 020)

R1    1K2 Resistor

R2    18k Resistor

R3    4k7 Resistor

R4    4k7 Resistor

R5    4k7 Resistor

RESET 6x6x8mm switch

U$1 27C020 DIL32 EEPROM

This project with PCB and parts can be purchased on ebay:






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