The Final Cartridge III+


The Final Cartridge III Plus is a remake of the original Final Cartridge III, but it has several awesome new upgrades. The best one is that it can also speed up modern SD-Card solutions like SD2IEC and Pi1541. This cartridge is fun to assemble, and many people think that the fact that there is no SMD parts, its way easier to solder.
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Part Value

C1    1nF Capacitor
C2    1µF Capacitor
C3    10µF Capacitor
D1    1N4148 DIODE
D2    1N4148 DIODE
D3    1N4148 DIODE
D4    1N4148 DIODE
D5    1N4148 DIODE
D6    LED 3mm
FREEZE 6x6x8mm switch
IC1    74LS273 DIL20
IC2    74LS163 DIL16
IC3    74LS133 DIL16
IC4    74LS04 DIL14
IC5    74LS09 DIL14
JP1    020/512 jumper not included since PCB is hardwired for 020
R1    1K2 Resistor
R2    18k Resistor
R3    4k7 Resistor
R4    4k7 Resistor
R5    4k7 Resistor
RESET 6x6x8mm switch
U$1 27C020 DIL32 EEPROM

I like to start by soldering all the resistors first. Then I do the diodes. The diodes needs to be put the correct orientation. Follow the markings on the PCB. You can also use the pictures here to verify if you want. Next, I do all the IC chips. I double check the orientation and placement before I solder them. Feel free to add sockets to the chips (not included) but beware that doing so makes it impossible to fit the cartridge inside a standard size case. For the LED, the long (Anode) leg is supposed to be towards left, when seen from the component side. You can easily verify where the ground wire is (cathode) by following the top trace on the solder side. It goes all the way on the top. That trace is also connected to the negative side of the capacitors on top in case you need that information. I finalize the assembly by soldering the caps and the 2 switches. Now to plug that bad boy into the C64 for some lightning fast loading and cool features!

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