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Every now and then, I come across someone that tells me they can’t solder electronics. But the good news it, chances are that not only can you solder, but you can solder well too. If you tried and failed, you…

Playing with stencils


Using a solder paste stencil is a quick way to get your production speed up when dealing with SMD parts (surface mount devices). At my house, its done because its fun and messy. But what exactly are they? A solder…

Vehicle Charge Indicator


Not every vehicle is equipped with equipment that tells you that the charging system is not working. That is certainly true for several of my vehicles. So decided to think of a way to monitor the charging system, but since…

Minipro TL866 27c400/800/160 Adapter


I really love my MiniPRO TL866 programmer. It has so many supported chips. I save a lot of money not having to buy several programmers for my hobby. But unfortunately it does not supportĀ 27c400/800/160 eeproms. When restoring Arcade games, I…

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