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Gotek USB floppy emulator


This is a great solution for replacing a old floppy drive. It works like this: The gotek has built in 999 locations where you can place a floppydisk image. This image contains the contents of one floppy disk. These pre…

Magic Desk Cartridge Clone


This cartridge is a modified reproduction of the Magic Desk Cart made for Commodore 64. That particular cartridge had several tools accessible via a menu. This cartridge is built with the same idea, only with a bigger ROM, and by…

Vehicle Charge Indicator


Not every vehicle is equipped with equipment that tells you that the charging system is not working. That is certainly true for several of my vehicles. So decided to think of a way to monitor the charging system, but since…

Power Healer 64


Due to several friends have contacted me about my old Commodore 64 power saver, the Power Healer 64, Ive decided to revive the project and has made brand new design to this old gizmo from 2006. This time, I made…

Commodore 64 diagnostic Cartridge rev 586220


I made a reproduction of the Commodore 586220 test cartridge. This cartridge was actually used by Commodore themselves to test every unit that came from the assembly line. They called it the “Commodore 64 Final Test Diagnostic Cartridge Rev 586220”…