Month: June 2018

  • Minipro TL866 27c400/800/160 Adapter

    I really love my MiniPRO TL866 programmer. It has so many supported chips. I save a lot of money not having to buy several programmers for my hobby. But unfortunately it does not supportĀ 27c400/800/160 eeproms. When restoring Arcade games, I some times come across those ROMS. A common fault for old ROMS is that the […]

  • DIY Amiga 500 memorycard

    Its always fun to make your own things. This time I decided to make some memorycards for me and a couple of friends. I now have 2 A500 without trapdoor memorycards, because they had battery damage. So instead of buying another old more or less battery acid damaged unstable card, why not make brand new […]